Regular Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

According to regular maintenance of your air conditioner unit is key to the units function to operate effectively and efficiently. Ignoring regular maintenance will cause numerous problems from reducing the air conditioning performance, using more energy to cool the home.  In respect, humid climates depend on air condition units to remove the moisture from the air of the home to prevent high humidity in the home.  A home that continuously has very high humidity can encourage mold growth in basements and especially carpets and carpet pads.  In such a case carpet cleaning is recommended on a regular basis.

Maintenance includes:

Air conditioning filters – replacing filters on a regular basis increases  the unit’s efficiency to move air through the home. A clogged filter will cause dirty air to bypass the filter clogging up the evaporator coil and impair the coil capacity to work efficiently.

Air conditioner coils – as previously mentioned a dirty filter will clog up the evaporator coil preventing the heat adsorption efficiency of the coil so it is important to replace the furnace filters.

The Outdoor condenser coils can become very dirty and clogged with dust, pollen, and other plant materials such as seeds from cottonwood trees.   The condenser fins need to be cleaned on a regular basis .  Keep a 2 foot clearance, form foliage, around the condenser unit for maximize air flow.

Coil Fins – occasionally the fins can become bent, reducing the cooling capacity of the unit.  When this happens a fin comb can be purchased to straighten the fins.

Condenser drains – if the condenser drains becomes clogged then humidity will accumulate and may possibly damage walls and carpet.  Usually the drains can be unclogged with a wire.

When in doubt hire a professional HVAC service. A well trained technical will be able to detect the problem and possible save you money in the long run.


Cracked Hoses a Consideration In Annual Maintenance of Air Conditioning Units

Maintenance is just a part of anything that you own. When you take a look at your air conditioning unit it’s important to inspect visually all of the hoses associated with that unit. Your residential air conditioning unit should have covering and sheathing just like in the photograph below.Screenshot_2016-06-14-08-38-58 Screenshot_2016-06-14-08-38-49 Often brittle and weathered rubber insulation is a telltale sign that there could be potential problems in the future. Not always but sometimes as it is an indicator of the age of the unit. It is important that you inspect the hoses thoroughly making sure that there are no pin-holes that might be letting Freon Xscape. Freon for air conditioning units if it is R22 is extremely expensive and the price is volatile only in the sense that it keeps going up. Making sure that annual maintenance is either performing or inspected should end up saving you much more money in the future. I do not foresee a future that R22 freon for air conditioning units will go down. When you cannot control that part of the market it’s important that you control the things you can.

For my large industrial customers, I have help them gain control of costs by creating tree maintenance programs that catch problems before they become significant. Although you might not be an expert when it comes to understanding heating and air conditioning you can become an expert at identifying potential problems by becoming an investigator and problem solver. I would highly suggest when doing a visual inspection of these hoses that you also take the time to physically touch the hose so you can understand if it has elasticity left in it which would mean life. Or if it has become hardened and brittle. If it has become hard and brittle you again we’ll have another clue as to the age of it. I have seen plenty of hoses upon visual inspection that appear to be in good condition.Screenshot_2016-06-14-08-38-49 However taking the next step and touching them told me that they were much older than they appear to be. I have found that some of these hoses are not necessarily sun-bleached and do not appear to be old. However they have been in areas that have been shaded by trees or overgrowth from the ground. If overgrowth from the ground has surrounded the hoses the new coming up from the grass and weeds around it can create a severe dry rot around the insulation. That’s not to mention what is going on below just what you can visually inspect. Is important to have a good understanding of what damage looks like,

Is important to have a good understanding of what damage looks like, verses just the life of the product being at the end of its age. One of the common things that happen with these hoses is they do become damaged over time from simple things like mowing and weed whacking in and or around them. If you have a lawn service it’s even more important to take the time to visually inspect these hoes is each year. If you don’t want to do it yourself or feel like it’s just one more chore that you’re not qualified to do, there are a number of companies that I’m sure you’re qualified in your local area that offer these annual clean-outs. It’s essential that you take the time to either visually inspect as well as touch the hose.  These two simple things will ensure conductivity to your air conditioning unit is properly insulated. As well as a simple investigative tool to determine whether or not you might need to call a professional.

Industrial AC Clean Out? I Hope You Choose The Right Company, Because I’ve Made a Few Mistakes

If you manage a building or large property I’m sure you have encountered issues with air conditioning units throughout your management and career. If you have managed a building I’m sure you understand already the importance of regular maintenance on air conditioning units as well as furnaces.

It’s important when you choose a partner to do a clean out that you choose someone that really understands the importance of preparing an area and understanding where the locations are of all the units. Aside from just the very basic understanding on how to prepare units,  it’s also very important that the particular company that you’ve chosen has the right tools to do the job. Typically I have found in the past while hiring air conditioning companies to do clean outs I have found varying degrees of levels of professionalism. One of the things that I have encountered in the past with air conditioning clean outs for industrial properties that I have managed has been that there

Typically I have found in the past while hiring air conditioning companies to do clean outs I have found varying degrees of levels of professionalism. One of the things that I have encountered in the past, with air conditioning clean outs for industrial properties that I have managed, has been that there are carpet cleaning companies that do air conditioning clean outs as well. I have been burned by companies that do this because this is not what they do on a regular basis.

Typically in the vetting of a company that I have never worked with in the past I like to make sure that they are an actual HVAC company that way I know that if they encounter an issue or problem well on one of my properties they have the proper tools training and knowledge to fix it immediately. Aside from that, I have found that by hiring an actual HVAC company to do the clean out they can save me money and time because they know that the proper preparation for the clean-out is one of the most important considerations.

In other words, I have had companies come to my businesses in the past to do in air condition clean out for an industrial property that I own and could not even find the air conditioning unit. Now you might laugh and think yourself how could they not find the air conditioning unit? And the truth is when you’re dealing with industrial air conditioners they can almost be hidden anywhere. The picture that I have attached here shows a picture of an air conditioning unit that waScreenshot_2016-06-14-07-55-42s located indoors below the property.  Now that’s important for one reason it happened to be in a location that was a data storage facility. But that speaks to my very point. A datacenter has to be maintained at a very cool temperature because of the very sensitive electronics contained therein. By not having an experienced HVAC company come out and clean I once had then

By not having an experienced HVAC company come out and clean; I once had contracted company apply some very corrosive agents and create the AC units to break down. By hiring an HVAC company that was really an HVAC company that does service calls on a regular basis they understood that downtime could be absolutely critical. My fair warning to you is if you are looking for an industrial clean out for your air conditioning unit please make sure that they are certified and have everything that they’re going to need to service you in the event that you do have an issue while they are on site. One way that I have killed two birds with one stone has been by scheduling not only the air conditioning clean out but our regular maintenance on all furnaces in the building as well. Another piece of advice that I would offer is, find a HVAC company that does a good job and schedule annual maintenance and health and wellness checkups on all of your systems. You will find by having a real partner as opposed to peace mailing out your work will keep your up time with these units very very desirable.

By having a real relationship with an HVAC company in your local market you will have a partner that you can reach out to on a regular basis when you have a problem. I have found by piece mailing out my work and not having real skin in the game in the local market has always made me a second choice when it comes to having an emergency and getting a service technician at your location in mediately. My advice by local and shop local as much as possible and you will find that the service goes off and you end up saving money in the long run.

AC Repair Tips

During summer time, most people rely heavily on their air conditioning systems to prevent feeling too hot. They are heavily dependent on their AC because it’s the only way to ensure that their home remains comfortable amidst the humidity. Malfunctions will always be inevitable. However, when you’re equipped with the right knowledge on how to perform some basic troubleshooting steps, it will greatly help your AC to run smoothly. In the long run, this will benefit you by saving money that could’ve been spent on expensive repairs. Regular maintenance is very important. It allows you to become more familiar with your AC’s system and components. As a result, you will be able to easily identify problems before it goes completely out of hand. Today, let’s take a look at four AC Repair Tips which are simple yet effective.

Effective AC Repair Tips


The best solution to this is to hire a qualified air conditioning professional to inspect your unit. It is highly recommended to do this at least a month in advance before summer begins in your area. It will be best to schedule annual service and inspections so that the technician will be able to perform preventive maintenance tasks. As a result, your AC will surely run smoothly when summer comes.


It’s important to check your cooling filters every month while your unit is being used. This will let you identify if it needs replacement early on. Having clogged filters impedes the proper air flow in your AC. It also loses its ability to prevent dirt from entering the system. This could permanently damage the unit in the future so it’s best to prevent it from happening. The regular replacement of cooling filters is the easiest way to avoid expensive repairs and increase your unit’s efficiency.


The first thing you need to check when this problem arises is if the exterior condensing your AC is free of any debris. This comes in the form of twigs, leaves and shrubbery. Doing this will let you know if the surrounding air within your unit can circulate properly. It’s also important to make sure that nothing has fallen inside the unit’s exterior. If your AC is placed directly underneath the sun, look for a way to put a shade around it. This is essential so that it would be able to produce cool air more efficiently. Finally, check the suction line for any signs of wear. It is the large line inside the unit. Any worn insulation should be replaced to avoid further damage.


When you start noticing that water from your AC is leaking into the ceiling or in the walls, you have to act immediately. The first thing you need to check is if the drain line isn’t constricted by anything. It’s very important for condensation to drain freely. Whenever this problem occurs, it’s a clear indication that your AC’s condensate drain line needs cleaning.