Sea Note Recording

Serious About Your Music?
We're Serious About Recording...

Sea Note Recording is a full service, multi-format recording studio located in downtown Myrtle Beach. The 2,200 Sq. foot facility features a huge tracking room, lounge, library, control room, and a separate digital editing suite. Acoustic design, superior equipment, variety of services, and an experienced staff make this studio an important part of the regional and national music community. Now in our third year of business, Sea Note is the place where professionals work when in the Myrtle Beach area. If a project is recorded in Myrtle Beach and heard nationally (and even internationally) then odds are it was done at Sea Note Recording.

Special care has been taken in the design of the tracking room to create an atmosphere that is comfortable for the artist while remaining acoustically controllable for the recording engineer. The control room has also been designed to provide maximum isolation from outside noise and to reduce reflections inside the room. A new gobo system is now in place allowing larger live tracking sessions.

The studio features a wide selection of keyboards, amplifiers, percussion, and other instruments from which clients may choose; all quality gear by Hammond, Roland, Fender, Ampeg, Marshall, Oberheim and E-MU. Visiting engineers will be impressed by the quality of recording gear including over sixty microphones by RCA, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Beyer, Crown, Audio Technica, Oktava and many others. The studio also features high-end outboard gear by API, UREI, DBX, Lexicon, Yamaha, Joe Meek, TC Electronics, Demeter, Oram, and others. Recording is done from a vintage MCI JH 536 recording console to 24 tracks of Otari Radar II.

In addition to audio recording, Sea Note offers many other services. These include: format and file transfers (ADAT, DA-88, DAT, CD-R, CD-RW, WAV, AIFF, MP3, Cassette, Vinyl, Reel-to-Reel, etc), low cost CD duplication services with on-disc printing for limited run duplication orders, and equipment/backline rentals.

The engineering staff at Sea Note is also unique. While most area studios are a single person operation, Sea Note Recording has a staff of engineers who are all highly experienced and well versed in different styles of audio production, and have worked on several nationally released recordings and radio/television commercials.

Feel free to contact Sea Note Recording to find out more about this exciting facility and why it is breaking new ground and setting new standards in the Myrtle Beach/ Coastal South Carolina market.